As a household of hospitality industry employees, one of our favorite things to do is treat ourselves to awesome food and drink during out days off.  We love to have friends over, play some music, gather in the kitchen, and relax with our current favorite cocktails.

I’ve already deemed this summer the summer of gin.  Gin with fresh juices, gin on the rocks, gin and tonic … there are so many iconic cocktails made with gin!  This past weekend, we had a few friends over to enjoy one of my favorite gins out there :  Seagrams Extra Dry Gin.

Seagram’s Gin continues to reign as an American Staple and America’s #1. Their flagship Extra Dry Gin is a true quality standard with an award-winning taste that appeals to everyone. It’s a real crowd-pleaser and has endured over the years by remaining true as the center of connection for hangouts.

Seagram’s Gin is easy to enjoy – very mixable, and with 7 different flavors + extra dry, there’s something for everyone.  We had to respect the classic, and opted to enjoy the taste of Seagrams mixed with tonic … and a squeeze of fresh lime, of course!

Whether you’re hosting a get-together for your friends and family, or you and your closest friends want to just have an excuse to spend some time together, Seagrams is a great companion to add to the mix!

Another great thing about Seagrams Extra Dry Gin is that you can add fresh juice (for this cocktail, I used fresh grapefruit juice, fresh cucumber juice, fresh lemon juice, and a touch of honey!)  It’s so perfect for spring and summer!