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a little back story on me:

i’ve served.  i’ve bartended.  i’ve ran 1000+ person events, managed restaurants, and have been a part of the service industry for the majority of my adult life.  needless to say, i was constantly dining out, drinking gorgeous cocktails, and enjoying life surrounded by people in the industry that knew their shit and appreciated the finer things in life.  and this is me. 
 today, i still appreciate those things.  although my life is not a constant blur of fine dining and late nights, i still hold onto what i enjoy most.  good food.  good drinks.  and good company.  with a flavor journal, that’s exactly what i aim to bring to you.  luckily, i have a permanent partner to enjoy those things with. 🙂  my boyfriend and i still do our fair share of dining out and grabbing fancy weekday cocktails, but we also like to enjoy those things when we are at home.  
 so needless to say, i love to eat and drink.
 and life is too short for boring drinks and mediocre food, so i strive to throw a gourmet twist on everything i create.  i’m not here to overcomplicate things, i just simply want you to look forward to dinner and drinks at home as much as i do!
That being said, a flavor journal encompasses the following:
  • dishes with basic cooking techniques
  • recipes that I would happily eat in a restaurant setting
  • a gourmet approach to everyday meals
  • recipes created to feed two to four (as we terrible with leftovers.)
so sit back, peruse through some recipes, and let me know if there’s anything i can do for you.  oh, and check back often – i love providing new recipes as much as possible.

a flavor journal | sara rose

oh, and we have two cats who cleeeeeearly think i’m the most amazing thing in the world.  everyday.