steak, shallot, and blue cheese flatbread.  Simple dough rolled thin, topped with homemade crushed tomato sauce, then shallots, spinach, cheese blends, leftover filet, blue cheese, and mozzarella.  Baked to perfection and served hot! | a flavor journal

I ate this entire steak, shallot, and blue cheese flatbread by myself.  I’d like to tell you that this occurred over the course of four or five days, but that’s not true.  It took me two days.  *gone*.

steak, shallot, and blue cheese flatbread | a flavor journal

The flavor combinations in this flatbread are some of my favorites.  We start with homemade flatbread dough and pizza sauce, (which are both incredibly easy to make), then add shallots, spinach, a blend of cheeses, leftover filet, blue cheese …and more cheese.  I love cheese.

steak, shallot, and blue cheese flatbread | a flavor journal

How do you NOT love this?!  Mmm.  It’s easily one of my favorites.  And I have A LOT of favorites.

steak, shallot, and blue cheese flatbread | a flavor journal

As I mentioned earlier, the flatbread, or pizza dough, is incredibly easy to make.  With only a few ingredients, it doesn’t require that much effort.  It has to rise for about an hour before it’s ready, but that’s the hardest part of this entire recipe.

steak, shallot, and blue cheese flatbread | a flavor journal

I took MANY photos of this gorgeous flatbread, so thanks for riding the photo train with me for a bit.

Let’s get down to brass tacks.  First, make the dough, then let it rise for an hour.  Divide it into four sections (you only need one of those sections for this recipe – but feel free to use a second and make two flatbreads if you have more than two people).  Roll your chosen section(s) out, and top with this fine assortment of ingredients.

steak, shallot, and blue cheese flatbread | a flavor journal

Bake at 425 for 12-15 minutes (depending upon how melted and browned you want the cheese to be), then let it cool for a couple of minutes before cutting.  Use this idle time to prep for your main duty : devouring the steak, shallot, and blue cheese flatbread.  If you don’t like blue cheese, feel free to omit it.  There is plenty of cheese without it!


[my additional tips!]:

Actual Prep / cook time:  1 hr 30 minutes

Clean-up difficulty:  3

Overall difficulty to make:  3

Overall satisfaction:  9.5

Price range?  This dish is under $10 to serve 2

What I would change next time?  Nothing!

For your own version, I recommend:.

  • Use the cheese you love 🙂 
  • No steak?  Don’t worry!  It’s GREAT without; or substitute chicken, brisket, etc. 

© 2016 : a flavor journal : by sara alvord
steak, shallot and blue cheese flatbread
Serves 2
Simple dough rolled thin, topped with homemade crushed tomato sauce, then shallots, spinach, cheese blends, leftover filet, blue cheese, and mozzarella. Baked to perfection and served hot!
Prep Time
1 hr 15 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
1 hr 30 min
Prep Time
1 hr 15 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
1 hr 30 min
for dough
  1. 1 package instant yeast
  2. 1 cup warm water
  3. 1/2 tsp. packed brown sugar
  4. 3 cups AP flour
  5. 1 Tbsp. kosher salt
  6. 1/2 Tbsp. olive oil
for sauce
  1. 2 tomatoes (I used on-the-vine), chopped
  2. 1/2 Tbsp. good olive oil
  3. 1 large garlic clove
  4. pinch of salt and pepper, to taste
for flatbread construction
  1. 1/4 cup homemade sauce (add more as desired)
  2. 1/2 cup provolone/mozzarella blend, divided
  3. 2 Tbsp. shallots, minced
  4. 1 cup fresh spinach, lightly packed
  5. 5 oz. medium rare filet, thinly sliced
  6. 1/4 cup blue cheese crumbles
  7. 2 oz. fresh mozzarella, shredded
for dough
  1. Combine yeast, water and sugar into a small bowl. Mix with a spoon, then let sit for five minutes until very foamy and producing a strong "yeast" scent.
  2. Pour yeast mixture into the large bowl of a stand mixer. Add one cup of flour at a time, and mix on low (speed 2) with a dough hook, about 1 minute every time you add flour.
  3. Once all flour is combined with yeast mixture, add kosher salt. Allow dough hook to knead for an additional two minutes. The dough should pull away from the sides of the mixing bowl, and have a "tacky" texture once it is in your hands.
  4. In a different large bowl, pour in the 1/2 tbsp. of olive oil. Using your hands, spread the oil throughout the bowl to coat the entire inner surface. Place the ball of dough at the bottom of the new large bowl, allowing the bottom of the dough to be coated in the olive oil.
  5. Flip the ball of dough over, so the uncoated surface now meets the bottom of the bowl.
  6. Cover the bowl with a dry kitchen cloth and allow the dough to rise, in a warm place, for one hour.
for sauce
  1. Combine chopped tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic into a small blender / food processor. Pulse until almost entirely blended, but allow a few chunks of tomato to remain.
for flatbread construction
  1. Preheat oven to 425.
  2. Remove dough from the bowl after one hour, and place onto a lightly floured surface. Punch down the dough on the floured surface. The dough surface should be smooth.
  3. Divide the dough into four equal sections. Place three sections to the side, as this is a recipe for one flatbread. Feel free to make as many as you like by doubling sauce and topping ingredients!
  4. Roll the dough to about 1/8" thick. Get it as thin as possible without it being completely transparent. Remember, there are a lot of toppings to load on top. The shape you end up with should be as close to circular as you can get it. But don't worry too much about shape - just be sure every bit of the flatbread has as close to the same thickness as you can get it, so it cooks evenly.
  5. Coat the entire surface of the dough with 1/4 cup of your homemade sauce. If you prefer more sauce, simply use more as desired.
  6. Evenly distribute 1/4 cup of the mozzarella and provolone blend directly onto the sauce, then top with shallots, sprinkling across the entire surface of the flatbread.
  7. Gently lay spinach leaves on top of the cheese and shallots, covering the entire surface of the flatbread. You may use more or less than 1 cup, depending on how much you like and/or the shape of your flatbread.
  8. Top with blue cheese, evenly distributing the crumbles across the surface. Finish with sprinkling the fresh, shredded mozzarella in the same manner.
  9. Before putting in the oven, lightly spread any exposed outer crust with olive oil.
  10. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until the mozzarella on top is brown and bubbly.
  11. Serve hot!
a flavor journal.

  • I printed this, it looks so good. And I always have BEEF!! 🙂

    • haha! I’m so glad you want to try it out! And BEEF is the BEST! it’s awesome that you’ve always got it on hand! <3

  • This looks ridiculously good! I love how the dough doesn’t have to be perfectly square or round. It can just be whatever! Love that. and bleu cheese and steak? Can’t get better than that. And those pics are beautiful! So I can see why you went photo crazy. I am all for it, sister!

    • Thank you so much, Sharon! I’m a fan of flatbread with personality – you just do you, flatbread. Shape yourself as you see fit. And YES, blue cheese and steak is such an awesome combo. Thanks for the awesome compliments, and for stopping by! <3

      • Exactly what I was thinking! You just do you! Haha.

  • Wow! This is a wonderful looking recipe! I can’t wait to try this one out, with the hubs who will only eat any kinds of veggies with meat, I think he’ll actually enjoy this one!

    • That’s awesome, Callie! I hope he likes it – if you want to share. 🙂

  • You would hate for something that looks that good to sit around too long and lose any flavor of course. I understand why it couldnt sit for several days. 🙂

    • Haha. Charlotte, you get me. I so appreciate that you understand my situation! 🙂

  • I love flat bread and this looks amazing. Thanks for the inspiration

  • This look amazing! We make homemade pizza crust with Einkorn flour… and while we usually just have pepperoni with raw cheese, we need to branch out and try this!

    • You should if you get the chance! But the pepperoni and raw cheese pizza is actually our favorite around here … ha! I made one using the same sauce as this flatbread, and added some spicy sausage on top, too! I guess any pizza is really my favorite 🙂

  • That looks delicious! I will have to share with my wife!

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