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a little back story on me:

I’ve served.  I’ve bartended.  I’ve ran 1000+ person events, managed restaurants, and have been a part of the food and beverage industry for the majority of my adult life.  Needless to say, I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by people in the industry that know their craft, and appreciate the finer things in life.  This is me! :

I created a flavor journal to share recipes and experiences that represent my passion for stellar food and beverage experiences. A Flavor Journal is a unique food blog, because I try my best to make my recipes in “small batch” versions that are scaled down for 2-4 servings.  I can always find recipes that feed big families, but I wanted to make an easy resource for those of us who don’t want a ton of leftovers every week!
Also, I don’t think great food and drink needs to be overcomplicated, but it doesn’t hurt to have a friendly resource available to offer valuable food and drink information.  I love to pair food and drinks together, and i want you to know the why.  I hold a Level One position with the Court of Masters Sommeliers, so I also love to include my knowledge of wine pairings for some recipes! I’ve also developed an affinity for local product and high quality ingredients, both of which I find to be important components in the kitchen and bar.  
That being said, a flavor journal encompasses the following:
  • dishes with basic cooking techniques
  • recipes that I would happily eat in a restaurant setting, or a high quality approach to eating at home
  • information on food resources, quality qualifications, flavor preferences, and more
  • small batch recipes created to feed two to four people
  • wine pairings for some recipes, specifically “date night” recipes
So sit back, peruse through some recipes, and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.  Oh, and check back often – I love providing new recipes as much as possible!

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