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small batch homemade pizza dough is easy to make, and SO worth it! learn to make your own dough at home, then top with your favorite toppings for a fun pizza night with your friends or family! homemade pizza dough | a flavor journal food blog

Small Batch Beer Pizza Dough

An easy pizza dough recipe for one pizza. I’m guilty of ordering pizza from local pizza places … like … a LOT.  But after testing this small batch pizza dough recipe quite a few times, it’s going to be a regular in my house! This pizza dough is thick and chewy, and makes a perfect […]

small batch spicy meatballs with ricotta cheese (spicy and delicious!)

spicy ricotta baked meatballs :: small batch recipe

what can I make with leftover ricotta cheese?  SPICY RICOTTA BAKED MEATBALLS Ricotta is one of those ingredients that I get for one recipe, and then it goes to die in my refrigerator.  But why?  Ricotta is so delicious!  There’s no reason it shouldn’t be used in its entirety.  So, in hopes to change my […]

an easy, insanely delicious dinner idea for any weeknight. shredded chicken, creamy refried black beans, crispy tostada shells, and melty cheese make the ultimate tex-mex dinner idea! crunchy chicken tostada stacks | a flavor journal food blog

crunchy chicken tostada stacks

An Easy Stacked Tostada Recipe! Crunchy chicken tostada stacks are a new favorite around here.  They’re insanely easy to make, they’re delicious, and you can make them to fit your exact tastes.  I like mine with some spicy black beans, melty cheese, and hot salsa. 🙂 Another bonus in this recipe is the use of […]

soft butter lettuce wrapped around shredded rotisserie chicken, creamy greek yogurt caesar dressing, crunchy croissant croutons, and pillowy parmesan cheese. a super easy and healthy weeknight dinner idea.

shredded chicken caesar lettuce wraps

As promised, here is the first recipe to use with the greek yogurt caesar dressing.  It’s so easy to throw together, and it’s’ also delicious.  Make the greek yogurt caesar dressing for salads some night, then use the leftover dressing for these lettuce wraps a couple of nights later. I also make my own toasted […]

cacio e pepe with shallots is a gorgeous, decadent, and simple pasta to share for date night in | a flavor journal small batch recipe

cacio e pepe + shallots : a small batch recipe

you fancy Cacio e pepe is one of my top three favorite pasta dishes of all time.  It’s simple, to the point, and packed with luscious texture and flavor.  The last restaurant I worked at made an incredible cacio e pepe, but they added a slight twist : shallots.  Oh!  And a sous vide poached egg […]

crunchy bacon, rich smoked gouda, and spicy fresh jalapeño are mixed into these twice baked potatoes for an easy and super delicious side dish for two! twice baked potatoes with smoked gouda, bacon + jalapeño : a small batch recipe | a flavor journal food blog

bacon + gouda + jalapeño twice baked potatoes : a small batch recipe

carbs are always in season. This is it, guys.  These are the twice baked potatoes that Mark and I have officially eaten the last three times we’ve grilled steaks.  I probably shouldn’t admit this, but it’s all been within the last two weeks.  And you know what?  I still want to eat more of them. […]

perfectly flaked white fish and crunchy red cabbage slaw are tossed in a cool and creamy sauce for easy and super delicious fish tacos. fish tacos with crunchy slaw | a flavor journal food blog

fish tacos with crunchy red cabbage slaw

fish tacos! crunchy slaw! let’s eat! I think fish tacos need to be a weekly thing.  They’re so incredibly easy to make, they taste absolutely delicious, and they are relatively healthy!  (If you swapped a lettuce wrap for the tortilla, you’d really be in business.)  Every time I make fish tacos, I seriously wonder why I don’t […]

carrot cake cupcakes are condensed to a small batch recipe, making four total cupcakes. two for now, and two for later. :) small batch carrot cake cupcakes | a flavor journal food blog

small batch carrot cake cupcakes.

Small batch carrot cake cupcakes are the new thing.  Rather than eating healthier this year, maybe we can all just make less to begin with.  (That is completely logical, isn’t it?) But on a serious note, as I mentioned in my small batch walnut brownies post, my goal for 2018 is to shift my focus to small […]

creamy, cheesy, garlic parmesan scalloped potatoes are the perfect side dish for chicken or beef entrees. a small batch recipe for two people is perfect for date night! garlic parmesan scalloped potatoes | a flavor journal small batch recipe

garlic parmesan scalloped potatoes : a small batch recipe.

Despite our affinity with dining out, like, everyday … we are pretty good at “date night in” every now and then.  Our obsession this year has been locally sourced, two-inch-thick boneless ribeyes, and I have to tell you, it has been EPIC. I definitely apologize if you’re against meat, because I don’t want to offend anyone. […]

creamy goat cheese is baked in spicy, fresh herb tomato sauce and served with garlic crostinis. the ultimate appetizer for date night. baked goat cheese with fresh herb and tomato sauce | a flavor journal food blog | small batch recipe

baked goat cheese in fresh herb and tomato sauce : a small batch recipe for two.

the ultimate date night appetizer! Oh boy.  I am REALLY excited to share this baked goat cheese in fresh herb and tomato sauce recipe with you. It’s my version of one of my all-time favorite tapas recipes, which is served at a local restaurant in Kansas City. I love goat cheese, but I prefer to […]

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