(cozy fall recipes)

Chorizo & Spinach Pasta

by sara alvord

cook tomatoes, onions, and bell pepper in olive oil (with crushed red pepper & a pinch of salt)

(about 7-8 minutes until softened)

add chorizo & garlic. cook for 5-6 minutes until chorizo is browned.

break the chorizo into little pieces as it cooks, then stir in the sugar.

stir in the half & half, and cook until it's absorbed into the chorizo.

like this.

stir in a ton of fresh spinach.

it will mix in perfectly, I promise.

stir in the cooked pasta. (save the pasta water.)

grate in the parmesan, squeeze in the lemon, and stir in some pasta water for a creamier sauce.

snuggle in & eat up. (makes about 6 cups.  reheats well.)

grab the full recipe & wine pairings @ aflavorjournal.com

and add some more cheese if you're feeling it.

Sara brings fun, elevated, small batch food & cocktail recipes to her blog, A Flavor Journal.  For date night food, like this Creamy Chorizo & Spinach Pasta, she also provides wine pairings.