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pears, apples, cinnamon, oranges, and honey combine with white wine to create a fruity fall sangria with a hint of warm spice. cheers! | fall sangria | a flavor journal food blog

apple + pear + cinnamon fall sangria

It’s that time of year!  We can leave the A/C off at night, open the windows, and play “freeze out” while we sleep.  While it may be Mark’s favorite game, I freeze my ass off.  But I justify it by telling myself our electric bill will be drastically lower, so somehow that makes it all […]

creamy pancetta leek risotto

creamy pancetta leek risotto : a small batch recipe for two

I’m such a sucker for romantic food.  The thought of warm, rich, luscious comfort food is directly correlated to my excitement for fall.  Creamy pancetta leek risotto does exactly that for me; it’ something I absolutely look forward to cooking and eating.  Risotto may be my all-time favorite grain, due to the creaminess it produces […]

creamy soup with chunks of potatoes, veggies, and leeks is the ultimate comfort food for fall. it's so easy to make in the slow cooker, too!

creamy slow cooker potato leek soup

Hello, autumn.  I can’t believe we are meeting again so soon.  Despite the pumpkin-crazed area of town that I live in, I somehow avoid that mess.  To me, fall means soup.  Rich, hearty, chunky SOUP.  Like creamy, slow cooker potato leek soup.  Imagine getting home from work, walking in the front door, and being hit with the […]

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