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my personal favorite cocktails made at home!  I love to make cocktails with fresh ingredients (like fresh fruits and fresh citrus), all with a healthy dose of spirits.  from simple syrups and infused spirits, to festive cocktails and sangria, this list provides you with the best homemade cocktails for you to enjoy from a flavor journal food blog!

smash cocktail with blackberry and bourbon

blackberry bourbon smash

what is a blackberry bourbon smash? This drink is such a classic cocktail. A “smash” is comprised of seasonal fruits, mint, citrus, and a spirit of your choice.  If you’ve ever had a mint julep, which is basically just bourbon, sugar, and mint, the smash is like the julep’s close relative. But this drink has […]

serrano grapefruit margaritas :: a spicy twist on a grapefruit margarita

spicy serrano grapefruit margaritas

If you like heat in your drink, you’re going to love this serrano grapefruit margarita!  It combines spicy serranos, sweet simple syrup, tart grapefruit and lime juices, and sweet orange juice with blanco tequila.  It’s super easy to make, and incredibly (but spicily) refreshing.   are serrano peppers spicier than jalapenos? Yes.  Serranos are spicy … […]

The blackberry bramble is an easy gin cocktail with blackberry liqueur, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and gin. Served in a short glass with crushed ice, then garnished with lemon and blackberry.

Blackberry Bramble Cocktail Recipe

The weather is a bit sketchy right now, but we are getting closer to warm weather any day now.  And what does warm weather call for?  Refreshing cocktails!  Like a blackberry bramble. 🙂 What is a blackberry bramble? A blackberry bramble is a cocktail made with gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and Crème de […]

homemade blackberry liqueur

how to make homemade blackberry liqueur

. an easy blackberry liqueur recipe I went into a deep dive of brunch recipe brainstorming a couple of months ago, and the blackberry bramble cocktail kept popping onto my radar.  There was just one problem:  it requires blackberry liqueur, and I definitely didn’t have any of that.  So rather than shelling out the cash […]

fresh blackberries really make this skinny margarita even more delicious! skinny blackberry margaritas | a flavor journal food blog

skinny blackberry margarita

skinny blackberry margarita There’s not many cocktails I love more than margaritas.  They’re so refreshing, lower in calories if made fresh, and seriously delicious.  This skinny blackberry margarita is easy to make, and offers a kick of flavor on top of my basic skinny margarita! Always feel free to adjust any of the fresh juices […]

this skinny margarita recipe is made with fresh citrus juice, agave nectar, tequila blanco or reposed, and served over ice. so easy, refreshing, and delicious! skinny margarita recipe | a flavor journal food blog

skinny margarita recipe

the best homemade skinny margarita recipe Making a skinny margarita at home is incredibly quick, simple, and rewarding.  I’ve never been a fan of the pre-made mixes that most restaurants offer; they’re so sweet, sticky, and unsatisfying.  But this skinny margarita recipe is full of fresh citrus juice, light agave nectar, and (of course) tequila! […]

rye, holiday spiced syrup, and fresh citrus make this bright, spicy, delicious holiday old fashioned! holiday old fashioned | a flavor journal food blog

holiday old fashioneds

I can’t believe the holidays are HERE!  I feel like my mind is still stuck somewhere in mid-July, but my tan exited my life a solid two months ago.  Yesterday, while watching football at a local little dive bar, I saw a total of three Christmas commercials.  Obviously, it’s official.  We’re in the season, and there’s […]

fresh, local cucumber + mint from my urban garden make the BEST cucumber mojito! it's super easy, refreshing, and awesome for sipping outside. | cucumber mojito | a flavor journal food blog

cucumber mojito

Yes, I’m definitely still trying to get a few summer cocktails pushed out before the official “chill” sets in.  Thus, here’s a cucumber mojito for your end-of-summer cocktail party.  (If you need my address so you can send me an invite, just holla.) Last week, I went up the street to the little farmer’s market […]

fresh blackberries, sage, and grapefruit mixed with honey simple syrup and sparkling water. a super refreshing drink sans booze! blackberry, sage, and grapefruit mocktail | a flavor journal food blog

blackberry, sage + grapefruit mocktail

Well, guys.  Cheers to the first ever mocktail recipe on the blog!  This drink is fruity, floral, tart, and so refreshing!  And obviously, it’s non-alcoholic, so it’s packed with body-loving nutrients, without being dragged down by any booze. I planted an herb garden on our balcony about six weeks ago, and my sage is CRAZY big.  I […]

fresh blueberries, cilantro, citrus juice, and honey simple syrup give a killer twist to the class margarita. blueberry cilantro margaritas are easy, gorgeous, and delicious! blueberry cilantro margaritas | a flavor journal small batch cocktail recipe

blueberry cilantro margaritas

I’m all about the margaritas this summer.  (Duh).  These magical little blueberry cilantro margaritas are inspired by my first brush with learning craft cocktails.  In a restaurant I worked for back in Kansas City, there were probably ten craft cocktails on the menu, and most of them were very labor intensive.  But the blueberry cilantro […]

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