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Fun and festive recipes that pair perfectly with Cava! Cava is a delicious, elegant, fun and bubbly wine that comes from Spain.  Cava is a perfect companion for fried foods,  cheese boards, and so many other recipes!

a small batch, slow cooker barbacoa recipe that is packed with flavor! this recipe makes about 1.5 pounds of spicy shredded beef.

Small Batch Barbacoa (in the Slow Cooker)

Spicy, Small Batch Barbacoa with Wine Pairings! Slow cooker barbacoa is a solid recipe to keep in your back pocket.  This small batch version uses only 1.5 pounds of beef, and makes the perfect amount for a smaller household! What is Barbacoa? Barbacoa is the word from which “barbecue” was born.  It’s basically a traditional […]

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