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serrano grapefruit margaritas :: a spicy twist on a grapefruit margarita

spicy serrano grapefruit margaritas

If you like heat in your drink, you’re going to love this serrano grapefruit margarita!  It combines spicy serranos, sweet simple syrup, tart grapefruit and lime juices, and sweet orange juice with blanco tequila.  It’s super easy to make, and incredibly (but spicily) refreshing.   are serrano peppers spicier than jalapenos? Yes.  Serranos are spicy … […]

homemade blackberry liqueur

how to make homemade blackberry liqueur

an easy blackberry liqueur recipe I went into a deep dive of brunch recipe brainstorming a couple of months ago, and the blackberry bramble cocktail kept popping onto my radar.  There was just one problem:  it requires blackberry liqueur, and I definitely didn’t have any of that.  So rather than shelling out the cash on […]

fresh blueberries, cilantro, citrus juice, and honey simple syrup give a killer twist to the class margarita. blueberry cilantro margaritas are easy, gorgeous, and delicious! blueberry cilantro margaritas | a flavor journal small batch cocktail recipe

blueberry cilantro margaritas

I’m all about the margaritas this summer.  (Duh).  These magical little blueberry cilantro margaritas are inspired by my first brush with learning craft cocktails.  In a restaurant I worked for back in Kansas City, there were probably ten craft cocktails on the menu, and most of them were very labor intensive.  But the blueberry cilantro […]

there's nothing better than bright, fresh juices mixed with a little vodka and topped with sweet ginger beer. this is the perfect cocktail for relaxing on the patio with friends, or treating yourself to your own personal oasis after a long day. spa day cocktail with grapefruit and cucumber | a flavor journal food blog

spa day cocktail with grapefruit + cucumber

I’m not kidding you when I say this super simple cocktail is three years in the making.  Really!  It took me three years to get out of my head, and finally simplify one of my favorite cocktails in the world : the spa day cocktail with grapefruit + cucumber. Here’s the story.  When we lived […]

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