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an easy recipe for homemade honey lavender syrup. floral and rich, this syrup is perfect for coffee or cocktails.

honey lavender syrup :: small batch

*This recipe was retested and rewritten on 5.21.20* This honey lavender syrup recipe is a looooong time coming.  I’ve been growing lavender on my balcony since the beginning of summer, and it’s just been begging to be used.  It just so happens that I love honey lavender syrup in lattes, so this one was a given. […]

fresh blueberries, cilantro, citrus juice, and honey simple syrup give a killer twist to the class margarita. blueberry cilantro margaritas are easy, gorgeous, and delicious! blueberry cilantro margaritas | a flavor journal small batch cocktail recipe

blueberry cilantro margaritas

I’m all about the margaritas this summer.  (Duh).  These magical little blueberry cilantro margaritas are inspired by my first brush with learning craft cocktails.  In a restaurant I worked for back in Kansas City, there were probably ten craft cocktails on the menu, and most of them were very labor intensive.  But the blueberry cilantro […]

ripe, juicy peaches and bourbon are mixed with fresh fruit juice for the ultimate grilled peach and bourbon cocktail. perfect for a summer evening on the patio! grilled peach and bourbon cocktails | a flavor journal

Grilled Peach and Bourbon Cocktail

you deserve some booze with your fruit. It’s SUMMER!  Day 3.  I’m here to gift you with a killer cocktail to enjoy this weekend while you bask in the sunshine.  It’s made with fresh grilled peaches and bourbon, and I don’t know about you, but that’s really all I need in life this summer. Peaches are stunning […]

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