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slow cooker shredded buffalo chicken recipe

shredded slow cooker buffalo chicken

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but fall is officially slow cooker season.  Kidding.  It’s obviously what some of us live for every year, and I’m here for it.  I’m also here for all of the buffalo chicken recipes, so it’s only right to combine the two.  This slow cooker buffalo chicken is pretty much […]

cook these spicy + decadent short ribs in the slow cooker for the ultimate simplified comfort food! spicy slow cooker short ribs | a small batch recipe for two | a flavor journal | food blog

slow cooker beef short ribs : a small batch recipe for two.

Winter is trying SO HARD to hold on, but the warm days just keep coming.  As spring beckons, I find it necesary to pay my respects to winter for actually showing up this year, and making me appreciate the sunshine and warm weather so much more.  It was COLD this year!  Cold enough to make […]

pork carnitas sliders are easy to make and packed with flavor! perfect for any game day or celebration, these sliders are going to kill it. top them with creamy sauce, onions, cilantro, or anything! | a flavor journal

pork carnitas sliders.

If you’ve never had pork carnitas sliders, I’m here to help you.  I want to introduce you to one of  the easiest slow cooker recipes EVER.  That way, you can have an abundance of delicious pork carnitas at your fingertips (with minimal effort).  One of the best parts about carnitas is that they are so versatile – […]

slow cooker shredded pork french dip sandwiches are easy and delicious! Lean shredded pork topped, bubbly provolone, and savory au jus are a killer combo. | slow cooker shredded pork french dip sandwiches | a flavor journal

slow cooker shredded pork french dip sandwiches

A new slow cooker recipe!  This recipe idea stems from a sandwich I recently devoured at a new local restaurant.  We had heard good things about the place, so we popped in one evening to check it out.  After scanning the menu, I noticed that they had a french dip sandwich made with shredded pork.  I […]

creamy soup with chunks of potatoes, veggies, and leeks is the ultimate comfort food for fall. it's so easy to make in the slow cooker, too!

creamy slow cooker potato leek soup

Hello, autumn.  I can’t believe we are meeting again so soon.  Despite the pumpkin-crazed area of town that I live in, I somehow avoid that mess.  To me, fall means soup.  Rich, hearty, chunky SOUP.  Like creamy, slow cooker potato leek soup.  Imagine getting home from work, walking in the front door, and being hit with the […]

slow cooker spicy shredded beef | a flavor journal

slow cooker spicy shredded beef

I recently mentioned that I had debated between making barbacoa or pork carnitas for quite some time.  The pork carnitas tacos won out, but like … WHAT?!  BOTH of these recipes are SO good!  Why did I ever wait so long to attempt either of them?!  Rather than naming these barbacoa, I went with slow cooker […]

pork carnitas tacos

pork carnitas tacos.

Pork carnitas tacos may have changed my life a little.  Similar recipes have been floating around the internet for quite some time, yet I’ve never felt a strong urge to try them.  Truthfully, I’ve had pork carnitas and barbacoa on my radar for nearly a year.  I don’t use my slow cooker nearly as often […]

crockpot italian pot roast

italian pot roast.

Do you ever get super motivated on Sundays and make a whole list of tasks you’re going to accomplish for the upcoming week?  

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