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Spicy Cheddar Chicken & Broccoli Orzo for Two

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  1. Derek Blacklock says

    Hi Sara,
    I like your recipes very much and would love to make Spicy Cheddar Chicken and Broccoli Orzo . Would it be possible to add metric measures to recipes as “cups” are very confusing to British people and I am sure you must have many followers over here.
    Hope you can manage this without too much trouble.
    Derek Blacklock

    • sara a. says

      Hi Derek! I’m definitely looking into this, as I would love to make it easier for you to make my recipes! At the moment, I can’t seem to find a way to quickly and easily implement that conversion on each recipe, so it may have to be a manual task that I do for each one. I’m catering an event all day today, but I will certainly take the time to convert some numbers over for the Chicken, Cheddar, and Broccoli Orzo for you tomorrow if that works! And I’ll keep you posted on how I can hopefully make this easier for recipes in the future, too!